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WOLMAR WINSOME® - soluble balanced products of the last generation for dogs and cats, all products are polyfunctional and multi-component, allowing to effectively and quickly apply them even to whimsical animals and to provide visible results within the promised time frame. Innovation, clinical research and production carried out under the control of The Bradner Deword GmbH, Switzerland allows the products of the brand WOLMAR WINSOME® ensure:




WOLMAR WINSOME® the world's only products for the animals, in which the soluble form of tablets applied (tablets dissolve without reaction and separation of bubbles), what allows by a rapid dissolution in all food, containing a minimum quantity of water, to feed these drugs, and also feed from hand in undissolved form.


WOLMAR WINSOME® products allow you to provide 100% complete and balanced diet, taking into account the species, breed, age and individual characteristics of dogs and cats, as well as to minimize the risk of development of various diseases associated with animal feeding by industrial feeds and consequences of using drugs.


WOLMAR WINSOME® is one of the few products for animals, in the formula which is used synergies (property mutually reinforcing actions of components) of probiotics, vitamins, macro and microelements, that allows to provide prolonged drug action up to twenty-four hours and the absolute efficiency of therapy and support in physiological boundaries of functional activity of organs and vital systems of animals.


The only thing you need to remember when using WOLMAR WINSOME® complexes is a strict adherence to the instructions for their use, and You will never be disappointed.



Quality of WOLMAR WINSOME® products is due to the exclusive use of materials and substances, produced by the leading German manufacturers - BASF AG, Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG, Biochem GmbH, Calmas GmbH, as well as by the French companies - Lesaffre Yeast Corporation, Adiseo Frans SAS, Universal Nutrition. Patent rights on technology solutions belongs to the developer Bradner Deword GmbH. Trademarks (service marks), registered on the territory of the Russian Federation in FGU FIPS RF by the Bradner Deword GmbH company, the rights under the license agreement on the territory of Russian Federation apply exclusively to the company "BIOPHARM", Moscow.

The products are manufactured under a license agreement with BRADNER DEWORD GmbH fnd “BIOFARM” LLC, with the participation of JSC "State scientific center of applied Microbiology” and JSC “Institute of engineering immunology”. The production is licensed by the sanitary and epidemiologic surveillance unit of the Federal Department of biomedical and extreme problems under the Ministry of health of Russia, meets the standard of Good Manufacturing Practice, from 02.10.2006.




WOLMAR WINSOME® products are manufactured in compliance with international requirements in the pharmaceutical industry.
-100% ease of use, quick-dissolving tableforms.
-Unique combination and optimal dose of active ingredients.
-The most effective bioavailable complexes with prolonged action for 12-36 hours.
-Vitamins microencapsulated in gelatin-carbohydrate shell.
-Probiotics stable in the acidic environment of the stomach - enzymatic extracts Bacillus Licheniformis (CP200/DSM5749) Bacillus Subtilis (CH201/DSM5750).
- Natural sources of growth factor (IGF-1 and IGF-2), bioavailable N-acetylglucosamine and regulators of metabolic processes.

- Active metabolic optimizers, lipotropics and energetics.

- the synergy of all active components from the bacterial strains Bacillus Licheniformis (strain CP 200/DSM 5749) and Bacillus Subtilis (strain CH 201/DSM 5750);
- the inclusion of fine particles of vitamins and active elements in gelatin-carbohydrate shell using a special sputtering techniques and compositions;
- the esterification of retinol with acetic acid with the formation of more stable acetate form;
- adding combinations of antioxidants.



The bacterial strains B. Llicheniformis and B. Subtilis - are active ingredients of drugs WOLMAR WINSOME® after their activation and temporary fixation on the walls of the intestinal mucosa within 36 hours synthesize enzymes and three main enzymes of the dogs organism: amylase, lipase and protease.
Amylase - an enzyme of the class of hydrolases that cleave carbohydrates, various sugars. It is located in saliva, pancreatic secretion and in content of the intestine.
Lipase is a water-soluble enzyme that catalyzes the hydrolysis of insoluble esters (lipid substrates) and helps to digest, dissolve and to fractionate fats. With the participation of bile and this enzyme, fats, fatty acids, and fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, K are metabolized.. Lipoproteinlipase breaks down lipids (triglycerides) in the blood lipoproteins and ensures the delivery of fatty acids to the tissues of the dog.
Protease of gastric juice, pancreatic secretions and the contents of the intestine help to digest proteins.

The concentration of bacterial strains B. Licheniformis and B. Subtilis in 1 tablet of WOLMAR WINSOME® drugs is 0.125 x 109 spores/0.5 g in a ratio of 1:1, that allows spores after the penetration into the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of a dog to open up and temporarily lock in the walls of the intestinal mucosa. This forms a so-called "biofilm", which prevents the attachment and penetration of pathogenic agents in the intestinal mucosa. Located in the digestive tract pathogenic bacteria neither can bind, nor also obtain a sufficient amount of nutrients for their livelihoods due to competition with spores of probiotics. The development cycle of pathogens is quickly interrupted, and the normal microflora is not affected and retains all of its functions. The mentioned probiotic strains in 36 hours revert back to the spore state and are completely removed from the body of  dog.
Digestive enzymes, produced by the bacteria strains B. Licheniformis and B. Subtilis, allow the digestive tract of dogs perfectly absorb nutrients (vitamins, amino acids, macro-, microelements, other active components of the WOLMAR WINSOME® complexes), contributing to their maximum absorption into the systemic bloodstream, and metabolic enzymes catalyze biochemical processes inside the cells. Enzymes are protein substances that play a very important role in various biochemical processes in the body’s system. They are necessary for digesting food, stimulate brain activity, the processes of energy supply of the cells, the recovery of organs and tissues. The most important function of enzymes is sewage biochemical reactions in the body, many, if not most, of which, only in the presence of appropriate enzymes. The function of each of the enzymes is unique, i.e., each enzyme activates only one biochemical process. In this case, in the body there is a huge number of enzymes. Depending on the types of reactions that catalyze enzymes, they perform different functions. Most often they are divided into two main groups: digestive and metabolic. Digestive enzymes are secreted into the gastrointestinal tract, destroy nutrients, thus facilitating their absorption into the systemic bloodstream. Metabolic enzymes catalyze biochemical processes inside cells.

In the world, industry-standard, probiotic strains of Bacillus Licheniformis (strain DSM 5749) and Bacillus Subtilis (strain DSM5750) are produced by the number of the companies (production of GMP-certified), including one company in Europe. Research on these probiotic strains lasted for 20 years and was completed in 1998. Its results are widely used worldwide in veterinary practice. Only probiotics ( Bacillus Licheniformis DSM 5749 and Bacillus Subtilis DSM5750) received a permanent registration of the special Commission at the Council of the European countries. These probiotic strains were isolated from the natural environment (not subjected to genetic modification) and are deposited in the German state repository of cell cultures and strains in Dresden.



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